About Us

When Jeff met Monica, he was very much intent on impressing her.  Knowing that brownies were her favorite, he contacted Grandma Blanche in Florida to get her brownie recipe.  In her typical way of helping, she not only mailed the recipe (in those days there was no internet), Grandma also sent him the proper baking pan.


Being the sweets eater he is, Jeff has never given up on his dream of baking amazing desserts and goodies like Grandma Blanche and sharing them with everyone around him

In the fall of 2016, Jeff's granddaughters, Mackenzie and Dakota, said, "Poppy, Daddy told us that you bake.  Can you bake something for us?"  That was all it took to get Jeff back in the kitchen to prove to them he could bake.  You can see them above in the BigCookie kitchen learning beside their Poppy.  Imagine what their Great great grandmother Blanche would think!